September 29, 2020

Why does it take so long to make money in business?

For most of us, we spend years and years trying to make money with anything outside of a 9 to 5 job. I’ve been no exception to this. I’ve spent many years in hope before starting to make money online. Previously, I’ve been a successful software developer and have worked for many years in large and small corporations solving critical business problems. So by taking the “me” as a case study, I’m now going to delve deeper into why failure happens for so many of us in business and what we need to desperately address to correct this.

Dr. Pillai says blame it on the brain which is the main reason most of us never get to making a million dollars in our life. Earlier, I followed many online gurus and took course after course on online marketing. But I missed one of the key reasons why I was unable to make it all those years. I WAS STILL FOLLOWING, and that was my biggest mistake. I thought I would have a buffer against failure and learn from other experts before me about online marketing. But just like about 99% of us, I kept going right down the rabbit hole of hope and misinformation that was consistently delivered by these “online gurus”.


I always imagined perhaps I’m made up of the clerical or employee mindset just like a majority of people in the East or the West. I can accomplish amazing technological miracles in the company I work for, but perhaps I’m simply incapable of venturing on my own. This is what I believed for a very long time but for some reason, I never stopped trying to make it in business.


The Scam

Let me explain what I mean here more clearly. About 99% of “online gurus” are only teaching so they can keep making money for themselves every month. Among these 99%, about 95% of them are expert gamers who are simply playing with your and my emotions to get more money into their own pockets. They have all the tools and the “smoothest of tricks” so you will not even notice that you’re being legally and gradually scammed before its too late. And their biggest objective is not just to get you to buy their product. Their main goal is to keep you “occupied” and “fed” with a lot of misinformation combined with a few tidbits of truth which will not help you materially in any way. In this way, we become totally dependent on these “online gurus” and wonder if its just us that are stupid, or perhaps very unlucky in business.


Now if you ask me if its all my fault and if its all your fault for failing in business, well we know who to blame! But by simply pointing fingers at these supposed “online gurus”, we lose track of one important fact. What is it in you and me that makes us trust these online tricksters? Why do we feel like we constantly need to hold onto someone else’s apron strings to make it successfully in business? Perhaps its because most of us have been “educated”, or “brain-trained” for so long in the workplace, in our schools, colleges, and in our homes. These so called “online gurus” too have undergone the same brain training but they figured that their window of opportunity lay in deceiving others who are more naive or “giving”.


Even among those 1% who are perhaps genuinely trying to help, as an entrepreneur, there is very little for us to gain from replacing our individual experience of failure, learning or success with someone else’s glorified view of business. So stick to your goals as an online entrepreneur and know that you are creating your own business from scratch, and not another “me too” enterprise. It’s ok to learn a few best practices but nothing should come between you and your own business learning and experience. By doing this, you will fail sooner and do what is needed for making the business viable, sooner. Otherwise, if you let someone else to constantly tell you how to run an online business, the entire experience will be second-hand and you will never fail or succeed or learn fast enough to run your own income-producing business.



For sincere people like you and me, there are opportunities to succeed, so do not fall into the trap of thinking that success is possible for only a marginal few. The world is abundant with vast resources and though the scarcity mindset has been clearly set for many, it is possible to break out of that mindset as I will describe below.



Meditation will help clear up your mind so you can concentrate more positively on your business. As an entrepreneur, there will be many new stresses and challenges you will encounter that you normally will not in most general areas of life. So keeping your mind in good shape is extremely important. There are a number of ways to practice meditation as either a beginner or further on. I will describe a few of the ones I’m familiar with below.

Beginner Meditations

This site on meditation is developed by a friend of mine who has built a beautiful resource to help beginners to practice simple meditation techniques at home.

The Chopra Center

This is a very simple guide and can help you to start a basic meditation right away!

Transcendental Meditation (TM)


There are many popular celebrities and successful people who vouch for transcendental meditation. There are practitioners all over the United States, India and many other parts of the world. Once you click on ‘Find a TM teacher’ and send a message, you will be able to personally meet with a certified TM practitioner who will guide you step-by-step through the process.

From personal experience, I can vouch for the fact that TM is perhaps the simplest form of meditation and is also equally powerful.

Mantras and Sound Research

Dr.Pillai has developed a scientifically driven practice of meditation that combines eastern science with sound research. There are many ways to get started with the Pillai Center. To start with, you can join the free Yahoo! group for more questions or attend one of the free webinars for an introduction.


Most of us do not understand how big a role our food plays in our thinking, health and in many areas of our life. If the food is nutritious and natural and free from tampering or harmful chemicals, our body and mind will both be happy, healthy and self healing. So choose natural and organic foods, stay away from the GMOs and always prefer natural homemade foods to any packaged or restaurant foods that are loaded with additives. Homemade food is not only nutritious but also costs only a small fraction of the cost of other prepared foods that are packaged or sold. So preparing fresh home meals is a win-win for both your health and your budget.


Hatha Yoga is the form of yoga that is the most widely practiced and it focuses on general bodily postures to relieve stress and to calm the body and mind. Other forms of Yoga include Ashtanga Yoga and Iyengar Yoga which goes into greater detail on posture and alignment. Or if you are looking for a more simple and healing form of yoga that takes into account different fitness levels, the Krishnamacharya form of Yoga would be a good fit. There are also many yoga teachers worldwide who practice this form of yoga.


Simply choose one of these yoga methods that is comfortable for you, work with a yoga practitioner and create a daily yoga schedule preferably in the early mornings before your breakfast. In my case, I start my work in the early morning followed by a short yoga routine. Be sure to choose a Yoga practitioner who pays close attention to your fitness level and medical condition. Yoga need not be hard and all it takes is a short 20 to 30 minute session every morning which will give you more energy and help you to stay fit.

Or if you prefer aerobics or other ways to stay physically fit, then choose the one that works the best for you. Though I’ve previously not been practicing Yoga myself, in the last two years I’ve found tremendous health benefits from Yoga. It is also something that anyone can do at any age and irrespective of his or her level of current fitness.


Most of us tend to be very productive in the mornings and this productivity starts to reduce gradually after lunch and picks up a bit in the late evenings. So it is best to stay alert in these afternoon and early evening times when our energy levels are low. It is also very natural to put on the TV, YouTube or a movie around these times. But as an alternative, I would suggest choosing to meditate or simply taking a short afternoon nap, or even a brisk walk instead. This will help rejuvenate the body and mind and reduce this wastage of time.

An occasional movie with the family is perfectly alright but simply using entertainment as a time killer when we are low on energy is clearly a huge waste of time and energy. Instead of energizing us, such unconscious dependence on entertainment depletes our energies and causes further exhaustion. So please be careful and alert as to when and why you are choosing entertainment over simple restfulness.


When working as an employee, you will likely be working in large teams and most of your day-to-day tasks and goals are likely led by your boss or company projects. But as an entrepreneur, you are responsible for setting your own goals and tasks. This can sometimes feel a bit lonely in the initial stages if you’ve been previously accustomed to large teams or if you’ve been more of a people person at the workplace. But staying in good health in body and mind will enable you to be comfortable working by yourself for long periods of time. Also try to discuss your business work with your spouse or close friend for some of that team work, sharing and new ideas.