How To Become An Online Marketer – 3 Simple Steps

In this post, I will go over 3 simple steps on how to become an online marketer.

You have a lot of value you can add to the world, things you want to share, and ways you can guide people in a particular area which you’re passionate about. One great way to do that is with a website and domain of your own.

As you post new articles to your website, your authority in that area will grow and your readers will come to trust your views and opinion. All of this does not happen overnight but takes consistent time and effort, but this is still quite simple for anyone to do.

And if you already have a product or service or perhaps even a book you want to sell, this website will make that happen too. If you don’t have any product or service, no worries, there are a couple of simple ways you can make money with your site, while still delivering value to your website visitors.

Now what if I told you all of this is possible fairly quickly and all it takes is for you to follow 3 simple steps?

The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Watch many of the free YouTube videos by Jim & Ricky at Income School

Step 2: Signup for the professional web hosting with a world-class wordpress hosting provider

Step 3: Sign up for Income School’s Project 24 program after a few weeks of the free Income School videos

Once you gain some experience with internet marketing, it is time to join the Project 24 at Income School. Though Project 24 has a higher upfront cost, it is an yearly one-time charge and the charges are much lower from the 2nd year onward. Income School is where many of the ethical and professional bloggers are, so it’s good to move here as soon as you’re out of the beginner’s mindset.

Now let me describe what you will get at each of these steps, as every one of these steps will get you that much closer to becoming an online marketer and business owner.

Free Starter YT Videos

Once you subscribe to the Income School YouTube channel, you will:How To Become An Online Marketer with Free Starter Membership

  • Know that professional blogging for income is definitely doable and practical
  • Understand that internet marketing and blogging is a long-term business and there are no overnight successes
  • Understand how to setup a professional wordpress blog
  • Learn to write blog posts more easily and on a more regular basis
  • Be ready to get started with professional Project 24 training


As a starter, give careful thought to topics or niches that interest you and that you have some level of familiarity with. Also check out many of the Project 24 member testimonial videos to see how members have been creating their blog successes.

Your 1st Few Weeks with Free Videos

If you have previously been taking other internet marketing training, you will soon realize that the beaten-track approach that other marketers use is simply not the right approach. You will also learn to appreciate just how simple and straight-forward Jim & Ricky’s training videos actually are. They are also a couple of very genuine individuals to learn internet marketing from.

Please do not sign up with other training providers at this time as most are scammers and they not only steal your money but also misinform you and steal your valuable time by feeding you with a lot of misinformation. I made this same mistake and signed up with Wealthy Affiliate premium membership which was only marginally helpful. Added to that there were a lot of things wrong with Wealthy Affiliate as follows:

  • The training was not up-to-date and some of it can actually be misleading and wrong
  • The community was full of beginners who know very little about professional blogging. The only ones who made good money were trained to follow unethical practices by bashing up a lot of other vendors and services with negative review posts. I found this to be highly unethical and unprofessional.
  • The WA member profile and community interaction takes up a bulk of wasted time which can be more effectively spent in actually writing content and towards actual work on your blogging website.

Project 24 Membership

There are a number of benefits of the Project 24 starting with just how simple and practical the whole training is.

Here are some of the important benefits of Income School’s Project 24 program:

  • How To Become An Online Marketer with Premium MembershipAccess to a 60-step process for blogging income
  • An optional program for YouTube training and monetization
  • A simple, effective and no-frills member community for support
  • Full set of training and videos for getting to a consistent blog income in 24 months time
  • A premium Acabado wordpress theme that is optimized for speed and SEO
  • Regular updates to all of the training and videos
  • A regular podcast describing some of the newer blogging approaches
  • Simple challenges and contests that motivate without unnecessary stress of competition from other members. This helps all members to focus on improving these blogs without unhealthy competition from fellow bloggers.

Acabado Theme Features

  • Better branding and professional look-and-feel for your blogging website
  • Important SEO features are available by default. In my case, within 2 days of switching to the Acabado theme, I’ve started getting between 60% to 70% of my traffic from the major search engines
  • As a member of Project 24, you can use your Acabado license on multiple of your wordpress blog sites
  • Improved site speed for delivering a super fast response to website visitors
  • A recommended list of settings ad plugins
  • Key best practices are built into the Acabado theme by default
  • Minimizes the installation of additional WP plugins since the Acabado theme itself provides a lot of the required functionality
  • Having less number of WP plugins installed on your blog helps to reduce chances of errors and improves the overall blog performance

Things to Watch Out ForHow To Become An Online Marketer - Wtih Some Tested Ground Rules

  • Project 24 does not provide much in terms of technical help for your blog. But this can be easily corrected by following the WP School YT channel from Income School. You can also get additional technical help with your WordPress site from your Bluehost, SiteGround or other hosting provider.
  • Though there is considerable member support within Project 24, the Income school community is very laid back so you may not find it easy to maintain interaction with the member community on a daily basis. This can change over time and another option is to sign up to FB groups for any additional blog community interaction.
  • Do not be alarmed with the higher upfront cost of the Project 24 program for the first year. I can assure you that the Income School Project 24 provides tremendous value and the cost goes own for subsequent years. The only reason for the higher yearly cost is that the training content is constantly updated and therefore they charge a bit more upfront.
  • There are usually not many promotions or discounts for the Project 24 program. But this just goes to show that there is tremendous value in this program and it is certainly one of the best ways to make an authentic online income from blogging.


I know you have been scammed before by internet vendors and/or training providers who led you to believe that their product or service is worth every penny. But as the days passed the only thing that changed is the sheer amount of money you lost by following the advice of these unscrupulous providers.

I’ve been there too and I know how that feels and I know that the Income School Project 24 is a true gem in this whole mix, and it is truly genuine and trustworthy.

All I ask is that you try out the free Income School YouTube videos for yourself and experience it independently before deciding further. You owe it to yourself to build the life you always dream of! It all begins with taking the first step of subscribing to the Income School YouTube channel.

It will take some work and will take many months before you start making your online income, but I definitely know you will make it with Income School. And once the money starts coming in, your chances to keep earning much more increase every single day!

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